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If you’re in search of a new hire, piece of equipment or requesting responses to a proposal, post with IRA.

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Sometimes all a great idea needs is a little support. If an upcoming project requires financial assistance, take a look at what might help.

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Information for MRF operators, brokers, processors and others in the industry.

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See how we’re working with legislators to advance effective recycling and waste reduction policies.

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Use this directory of Iowa Recycling Association members to connect with industry professionals quickly and efficiently.

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We’re proud of the work we do, but we recognize we’re most effective when we work together with likeminded organizations. Review a list of those we work the most closely with; they just might be a good partners for you too!

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Learn how (and where) to recycle, and connect with recycling educators in your area.

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This $500 scholarship is offered in memory of Diane Albertson, a long-time, valued member of the Iowa Recycling Association.

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The IRA has multiple sponsorship opportunities for organizations to earn recognition while supporting IRA events and activities.  Check out the sponsorships below to find one that fits your organization's goals and values.

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