Iowa Composting Council

In partnership with the US Composting Council (USCC) and the Iowa Recycling Association (IRA), the State of Iowa now has a newly formed Chapter of the USCC to promote infrastructure building and training to address increasing amounts of organics in the landfill and encourage use of compost for healthy soils.

The Iowa Composting Council (IACC) is now an official USCC Chapter housed within the IRA. Alan Schumacher, President of the IRA said, "It just makes sense. The IRA is here to promote recycling. Organics are the largest waste stream in Iowa. Of course we should promote the recycling of organics through composting. It's a perfect fit."

The group, which is seeking Iowa members, will educate state regulators, local officials and the public about the importance of the compost manufacturing industry to local waste management programs, jobs and business development, as well as the benefits of using compost in commercial and residential landscaping and farm fields. Educational outreach will also include the benefits of using compost for stormwater management, erosion control and green infrastructure. The IACC, IRA and USCC will jointly take positions on regulations and legislation that affect the industry and the market for compost in the state.

“The USCC — and the compost industry — is most effective in states where a local and organized industry group is at the table,” said Frank Franciosi, executive director of the USCC. “Our chapters are
important because their leadership is directly in touch with the members we work to serve.”

Iowa Composting Council Leadership

Director: Jennifer Trent, Iowa Waste Reduction Center, [email protected] 
Chair: Jeff Phillips, SCS Engineers, [email protected]
Vice Chair: Abe Sandquist, Natural Fertilizer Product, Inc. 
Secretary: Lea Hensel, Foth Infrastructure and Environment  

This leadership team will work to develop and expand the Iowa Composting Council. 

IACC Meetings

The IACC meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 1pm.  If you would like to attend a meeting, contact Jennifer Trent or Jeff Phillips to recieve meeting details.