US Department of Agriculture Solid Waste Management Grant Program >

Funds may be used for evaluating current landfill conditions to determine threats to water resources; provide technical assistance and/or training to enhance operator skills in the operation and maintenance of active landfills; provide technical assistance and/or training to help communities reduce the solid waste stream; provide technical assistance and/or training for operators of landfills which are closed or will be closed in the near future with the development and implementation of closure plans, future land use plans, safety and maintenance planning, and closure scheduling within permit requirements.  Proposal deadline: December 31, 2020

Solid Waste Alternatives Program >

The Solid Waste Alternatives Program (SWAP) works to reduce the amount of solid waste generated and landfilled in Iowa. Through a competitive process, financial assistance is available for a variety of projects, including source reduction, recycling and education.

Any unit of local government, public or private group or individual is eligible to apply.

Funds can be used for such items as:

  • Waste reduction equipment and installation
  • Recycling, collection, processing, or hauling equipment (including installation)
  • Development, printing and distribution of educational materials
  • Planning and implementation of educational forums, workshops, etc.
  • Purchase and installation of recycled content products
  • Salaries directly related to implementation and operation of the project

Proposal deadlines: 4:00 PM on January 2 and July 1.

Environmental Research & Education Foundation >

Recurring Grants

Pre-proposal topics must relate to sustainable solid waste management practices and pertain to the following topic areas:

  • Waste minimization
  • Recycling
  • Waste conversion to energy, biofuels, chemicals or other useful products
  • Strategies to promote diversion to higher and better uses (e.g. organics diversion, market analysis, optimized material management, logistics, etc.)
  • Landfilling

Proposal deadlines: 4:00 PM on December 1 and May 1

Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Landfills RFP

Submissions of scientific research pre-proposals related to the management of methane emissions from MSW landfills are invited in the following areas:

  • Methodologies for Direct Emission Measurements (baseline emissions and emission reductions)
  • Comparison of Regulatory Reporting Guidelines to Industry Measured Data
  • Emission Generation and Characterization
  • Methane Emission Reduction Strategies

Pre-proposal dealine:  February 5, 2021

Management of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) RFP

Submissions of scientific research pre-proposals related to the management of PFAS are invited in the following areas:

  • Identification of Sources Entering the Waste Management System
  • Quantification of Human Exposure from Waste Management Practices
  • Measurement of PFAS in Landfill Gas
  • Measurement and Distribution of PFAS in the Waste Mass
  • PFAS Management, Treatment, and Destruction Strategies

Pre-proposal deadline:  February 5, 2021

Keep Iowa Beautiful >

Keep Iowa Beautiful empowers Iowans to bring cultural and economic vitality into communities through their Paint Iowa Beautiful, Derelict Building, and Build with Bags Grants.