FEATURED MEMBER: mdk zerolandfill

Building on over a quarter century of experience in the recycling industry, New Hampton’s MDK ZEROlandfill is a full-service recycling company, helping its clients find cost-efficient, sustainable solutions to waste management.

MDK became an Iowa Recycling Association member shortly after its owner/founder started the business in 1989. When a local factory couldn’t find a way to recycle cardboard, the soon-to-be-owner of MDK dug in and started making calls. From there, the business of connecting manufacturers, municipalities and others generating recyclables with end users has grown – from a single office in 1989 to a 52,000 sq. ft. facility in 2016.

Services have expanded as well. While marketing recyclables has always been a strong component of MDK’s business profile, over the years its focus has shifted to consulting and evaluation services. Using its industry expertise and diverse network of buyers, along with its knowledge of manufacturing and logistics, MDK provides comprehensive evaluations for clients.

Vice President Lyz Kuboushek says that even in 2016, a surprising number of industries still use outdated waste management methods – or simply landfill.

“Those are our favorite programs to put into place,” Kuboushek says. “It saves our customers money and keeps material out of the landfill, which is good for the environment.”

Whether working with clients like these, or those who want to bolster existing recycling efforts, MDK offers start-to-finish services, and has used its IRA membership to stay abreast of new ideas and to network with others in the industry.

Networking, as well as an emphasis on quick, fair customer service, has allowed MDK to grow its client base throughout the Midwest and beyond. The company consults with and/or buys from hundreds of customers. Outlets are scattered across the U.S., and are mostly end users which helps MDK get the best price for its customers.

“We find industries who’ve been told their materials can’t be recycled,” notes Senior Recycling Specialist Cindy Gilbert. “but we find buyers. We don’t want materials going to the landfill, so we’ve built a wide array of diverse outlets.”

That diversity, Gilbert says, has also helped MDK and its clients weather market fluctuations.

MDK buys or brokers hundreds of truckloads of recyclables/month. Many of those are processed at the New Hampton facility; the rest are shipped directly from the source to the buyer.

Learn more about MDK ZEROlandfill at their website.