May 18

Webinar: Overview of Lithium Ion Batteries, their Uses, & Recycling

Safely managing used lithium batteries has become a significant challenge for the waste industry.

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May 19

Webinar: The APR Design® Guide for Plastics Recyclability Crash Course

Participate in this crash course for a sneak peek into the APR Design® for Plastics Recyclability Training Program, where our experts will walk you through The APR Design® Guide and how you can utilize it to fit your company’s needs.

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May 20

Webinar: Life Cycle Assessments & Decision-Making

Ever wonder what life cycle assessment (LCA) means and how to apply the results? This webinar will provide those answers and more.  We will hear from national experts on LCAs and case studies about chemical recycling and the concrete/cement industry. 

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May 25

Webinar: Strategies to Reduce the Risk of Lithium Ion Fires - haulers, MRFs, & recyclers

Safely managing used lithium batteries has become a significant challenge for the waste industry.

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Jun 8

Webinar: Environmental Benefits Calculators - How they Work & How they Can Help

Join NERC and NEWMOA for a comprehensive webinar highlighting environmental benefits calculators demonstrating the climate change value of source reduction, reuse and recycling.

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Jun 16

Webinar: Plastics Recycling Legislative Update

This webinar will provide a status report documenting where critical proposals stand on Capitol Hill, and also highlight several state proposals and legislation.

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Aug 4

Virtual Conference: Resource Recycling Conference

Designed to offer tools and insight to lift municipal recycling programs, the Resource Recycling Conference will once again be presented in collaboration with The Recycling Partnership. Attendees will receive exclusive content on resident engagement, cont

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April 17, 2020: Impact Of COVID-19 On Recycling & Waste In Iowa >>

Joe Bolick, Director, Iowa Waste Reduction Center, [email protected]
Alan Schumacher, IRA President, Business Development and Sales, Quincy Recycle, [email protected]
Lea Hensel, Business Development Specialist, Foth Infrastructure and Environment, [email protected]

April 13, 2021: Resume and Interview Guidance >>

Alex Couch, Corporate Recruiting Generalist, Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC, [email protected]: Presentation >>
Jennifer McCafferty, Director of Talent Acquisition, SCS Engineers,[email protected]: Presentation >>