Thank you for your interest in serving on the Iowa Recycling Association (IRA) Board of Directors (BOD).

In order for you to understand the time/resource commitments of this leadership position, please take time to read through the board responsibilities, then fill out the application form.

Applications will be accepted from January 1 to July 1, 2020. All applications must be submitted by July 1, 2020.

Application responses will be made available to IRA membership for review. Directors are elected by a majority vote of current IRA members at the annual membership meeting in October. Applicants must be IRA members and must be in good standing (dues paid; membership renewed) to apply and must remain in good standing to be seated on the BOD.

Board of Director Responsibilities

  • Serves one (1) three-year term from the elected date.
  • Determines the organization’s mission and set policies for its operations to ensure provisions of the organization’s charter, bylaws, standing rules, and the law are being followed.
  • Sets the organization’s overall programs from year to year and engage in longer-range planning to establish its general course for the future.  Assist in implementation of programs.
  • Establishes fiscal policy and boundaries, with budgets and financial controls.
  • Attends and participate in bi-monthly BOD meetings (lasting an average of 2 – 3 hours each) and applicable committee meetings.  Board members are encouraged to attend major events such as IRA outings, networking events, and the annual Fall Conference.
  • Serves on two or more IRA committees and makes a serious commitment to participate actively in committee work.
  • Volunteers for and willingly accepts assignments and completes them thoroughly and on time.
  • Stays informed about committee matters, prepares themselves well for meetings, and reviews and comments on minutes and reports.
  • Builds a working relationship with other committee members.
  • Participates in membership recruitment and retention for the organization.
  • Contributes to IRA communications, including newsletter article support.
  • Provides adequate resources for the activities of the organization through direct financial contributions, in-kind contributions, and participation in fundraising for the organization.
  • Selects, evaluates, and, if necessary, terminates the appointment of the Administrator and/or any other employees.
  • Develops and maintains a communication link to the community, members, and the public to promote the work of the organization.
  • Assists in the planning of the annual Fall Conference.
  • Discloses any interests in transactions or decisions where there may be a potential conflict, and will not participate in discussion or vote in matters where a conflict of interest arises. (IRA Conflict of Interest Policy)


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