Recycling Facility of the Year

Winneshiek County Recycling Department

Several years ago, Winneshiek County determined that to be effective and sustainable, the recycling department would need to substantially increase traffic into the facility. Through community partnerships and innovative public relations, the recycling facility is now one of the most popular public facilities in the area. With a reputation for convenience, efficiency and fun, the Winneshiek Recycling Department has made recycling enjoyable for the community.

Recycling Program of the Year

Council Bluffs Recycling Center

Since its inception in 1997, the Council Bluffs Recycling Center (CBRC) has been a metro area leader in the recycling industry with eclectic efforts and initiatives. Construction and demolition debris, event recycling, household hazardous materials, shingles, tires and tree debris, along with regular curbside materials are all programs the CBRC currently provides to the metro area. This facility is one of the most comprehensive facilities of its type which continues to provide consistent, sustainable opportunities.

Commitment to Iowa Award

Can Shed

The Can Shed, located in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, celebrates its 20th year of operation in 2017. It is the largest redemption business in the state, processing 1.5 million containers weekly. Between its two locations, the Can Shed employs, on average, 45 year-round employees.

Murray J. Fox Recycling Innovation Award

The Principal Green Team

The Principal Green Team implements practices to help reduce the company’s environmental footprint and promote green practices among employees. When the Green Team learned the downtown campus storehouse for office supplies was closing, it took action to prevent the items from going to the landfill.  Popular “Office Supply Spectacular” events were coordinated, allowing employees to can take home unwanted or unused supplies for free.